I have always had an interest and a passion for SFX Makeup but for the last 10 years I have dedicated all of my time and focus to Weddings and other Occasions. In 2019 I decided it was time to take my interest to the next level and so I have really delved into the deep, dark world of SFX Make up. 

My first step was to enrol into a course with Sharp FX. This course was the Advanced Prosthetics course conducted by Russell Sharp. It was an intense 9 month course where I was challenged to my limits. Initially I thought I had made a huge mistake by enroling into such an advanced course, but I stuck it out and I am so glad I did. I learnt so much during this course and it ignited a new passion - Prosthetics for SFX Makeup. So a new journey has begun for me. I finished this course at the end of 2019 and ever since I have been honing my skills with Stan Winston School of Character Arts online, building a new kit and practicing lots of new techniques. In this gallery you will find some old work I've done over the years and also some new stuff. For up to date work, check out my Instagram page - @sfx_by_derossartistry which is updated more regularly.

Click image for Sculpts, Moulds and Prosthetics 

Tania in action

Click image for cuts, blood and bruises

Click image for all other SFX makeup